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Friday, January 6, 2012

The South Marries The Northeath

A special experience was the wedding celebrations of our friends Nawa and Mec. While Nawa is from the south Mec was born in Isaan. They both work as lawyers in Bangkok. What a truly mixed bunch came from all parts of the country to celebrate the wedding. 
And the two have come up with something really special to make this day unforgotten. In the morning, the Thai traditional rites were celebrated. In the evening a feast was followed by five hundred invited guests in the ballroom. We have enjoyed the day very much.

 Good luck you two - We hope you never need a divorce lawyer.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

NetLada-Resort - Grand Opening

Thailands Number One Massagist Dahr has for many years harbored a dream: to create a Resort in her own terms.

With the help of her family and many friends this dream was now reality.  After an eight-month construction period there was a big opening party at the turn of the year. The notables of the area were all represented.

The result is a modern, cozy Family-Resort admidst a wonderful garden plant. Located in Had Sairee.

Congratulations to Dahr and her husband Net. Great work

Our recommendation: Try Absolutely - inexpensive - very clean - to feel good